Ultrafast Laser Pulse Measurement

Swamp Optics specializes in pulse measurement and pulse compression! Swamp Optics’ FROGs and GRENOUILLEs tell you everything you could possibly want to know about an ultrashort laser pulse.
NEW: High reformance real-time pulse analysis software. Find out more in recent data sheets (in Adobe PDF format): Near-IR GRENOUILLEs (Ti:sa GRENOUILLE)





Used Together, GRENOUILLE and the pulse ananlysis software do far more than show conventional autocorrelation.

They nicely visualize the complete pulse evoluation and spatio- temporal distortions in the pulse -- 3D


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Swamp Optics’ BOA PULSE COMPRESSOR solves essentially all the problems common to pulse compressors. Find out more in the recent data sheet (in Adobe PDF format): BOA Pulse Compressor More product and configuration options, background information, and tutorials at www.swampoptics.com or contact GWU’s experts